About Treehouse Montessori

Treehouse Montessori has opened!

Our school’s educational vision is based on the work of Maria Montessori (1870-1952). She developed her broad, holistic view of children’s development in her professional capacity as a doctor and a teacher. Her work inspired the Montessori education method that is now offered in around 20,000 schools worldwide. Treehouse Montessori strives to provide an integrated approach to optimally support children’s integral development. Our vision and ethos, paired with our passion for childhood development enable us to transcend the goals of education and childcare. At Treehouse Montessori, we aim to provide an optimal environment that would allow children to excel and grow, supported by the carefully designed and scientifically researched Montessori materials and curriculum.

Over Treehouse montessori


At Treehouse Montessori, we work and learn together in a safe and respectful environment that supports growth. Students are divided into heterogeneous groups, with 24 to 30 pupils in each, with an even distribution of ages within each age group. Children can progress to the next group at three fixed times during the year. In this way, we ensure the right developmental environment at all times, both on a cognitive and social level. Treehouse Montessori offers education for children as young as three years old. 

We offer our core curriculum in Dutch and English to all children. In addition to the core objectives for primary education, we offer an array of extracurricular activities. We collaborate with experts in areas such as dance, music, art, nature, science, nutrition, and inner balance. For the children in the Upper Elementary, we also offer the opportunity to work on projects outside of Treehouse Montessori, start a business, or fulfil a social role.

Every child at Treehouse Montessori has a personal development plan. We evaluate this plan several times a year in conversations with the child, their parents/guardians, and their mentor. Together, we also look ahead and set realistic goals for the upcoming period, to challenge the students and allow them to grow. In these conversations, there is also room to discuss the need for additional support. We work with an extensive network of specialists to provide children with extra support for their development, if necessary. These specialists can work with the children at our location during our opening hours. As a result, the children also experience this as a regular part of their daily routine, and we unburden the parents too.

In addition to education, we also offer afterschool care and holiday care, provided by our team of Montessori teachers, pedagogical staff and specialists. We refer to this as enriched care. Treehouse Montessori will thus be open for a total of 51 weeks a year for education and enriched care. In consultation with and after approval by the mentor, children can take additional holidays outside of the fixed school breaks for up to a maximum of 15 days per year. For this purpose, we make an individual roster for each child.

Our team is committed and skilled, and we value the talents that each staff member brings to the table. We embrace the diversity in knowledge, experience, and backgrounds of our team as it enables us to provide the best education for our students. Our school opened on the 22nd of August 2022 and we are happy to have broadened the range of education available in Lansingerland! For further information, please contact us through our contact form.