Open for applications 2022/2023 and beyond

We are open for applications for schoolyear 2022/2023 and beyond

Treehouse Montessori will open in August 2022. In the coming years, we will expand our groups based on the registration of new students and the maximum capacity at our temporary location in anticipation of our permanent building.

In our application submitted to the municipality of Lansingerland, we have requested to be located in the new Wilderszijde area. In the coming years, approximately 2,500 – 3,000 houses will be built there. Facilities such as primary schools are also being realised. The municipality of Lansingerland is responsible for providing a suitable temporary location, pending the new construction in Wilderszijde.

In order to have the best possible estimate of the number of students for the coming years, we now offer the opportunity to pre-register for a place at Treehouse Montessori. We accept pre-registrations from birth. However, a pre-registration does not guarantee placement. In case of high demand for a specific school year, we may not be able to place all registered children (immediately). In some cases, we have to place children on a waiting list or refer them to another school.