Application and admissions


We are looking forward to welcome our first students in August 2022. Following that, we will expand our groups based on new student registrations and the absorption capacity we can achieve in the room available to us in the coming years. This may also mean that if the number of applications exceeds our capacity for a specific school year, not all children who apply can be placed immediately. Occasionally, we will have to put children on a waiting list or refer them to another school.

For students joining us from non-montessorischools, we work with a modified application and admission policy, depending on the age of the student involved, in which children attend Treehouse Montessori on a trial basis for a few days. Together with the student, their parents, and the team, we discuss the follow-up.
We put the child’s educational needs first and assess whether we can meet these needs for each child. We also consider it important that the needs of an individual student should not be at the expense of the others.

Admission of students

When placing pupils, we weigh several factors, such as the degree of care and the age distribution based on the month of birth. In addition, we aim to include an equal distribution of boys and girls per class.

The following applications will be given priority:

Following this, we place children according to our ethos, aiming for a balanced distribution of boys and girls as well as birth dates.

For children, born in 2019 or later, who are not enrolled in our Pre-school program, we will inform you as soon as possible after the 3rd birthday about the placement options in our school at the age of 4.

Placements are confirmed through an agreement to be signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s) within two weeks.