Montessori Education

Through her scientific research, work as a doctor, and experience in the field of education, Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that human development progresses through four different developmental stages. In our teaching, we follow these first two development phases (0-6 years and 6-12 years) to optimally support our pupils in their overall development at the precise moment that they need it.

Our Montessori education is based on the following principles:

At Treehouse Montessori, we place a great emphasis on the development of a broad set of personal skills, such as:

Montessori education has been implemented in around 20,000 schools around the world. We are (virtually) connected to a large number of Montessori schools worldwide, allowing us to share our practical experience and insights and, in turn, offer the best Montessori education to our students

Our educational principles

Heterogeneous groups

Bilingual education Dutch/English

Montessori education