Parental contribution

Parental Contribution

Treehouse Montessori is funded by the government to provide a basic level of Dutch education to our students. However, there are activities that are not subsidised by the Ministry of Education, which we consider important. These activities contribute to the quality of education and the atmosphere at our school. In order to pay for these activities, we ask you for a voluntary financial contribution.

Treehouse Montessori provides:

  •  A nutritious meal during lunch, our students stay at school and so there is no need to take your children home or pay for care at another daycare organisation for the lunchbreak.
  •  The healthy snacks of vegetables, fruit and nuts in the morning;
  •  English-speaking teachers on top of the standard formation and the English materials;
  •  Extracurricular activities such as dance, art, science education, celebrations, etc.;
  •  Enriching the curriculum through school trips and inviting experts to the school;
  •  Campweek for the lower and upper elementary groups

The voluntary parental contribution is €110 per month for every student from the age of four and is collected monthly from the month of the fourth birthday. Parents can also opt for a payment prior to the school year of €1,250**. The parental contribution is voluntary. If you are unable to pay the parental contribution, you must inform the board of this prior to the school year.

** Treehouse Montessori is currently investigating the possibility of obtaining the ANBI status, which means that your gift may be tax deductible. If this possibility arises, Treehouse Montessori will inform all parents.