Additional Support

Individual Development plan

At Treehouse Montessori, everyone creates a personal development plan. Our students’ plans are evaluated and adapted at least three times a year, with parents also playing an important role through observations and meetings with mentors.

In collaboration with their mentor, children can review their monthly development plans and decide on concrete activities for the coming period to aid their development. For the youngest children, we break this down even further into weekly or daily schedules.

Just as we encourage our children to make the most of their talents, we do the same for our staff. We, therefore, allocate time and a specific budget to work on development at an individual, team, and organisational level.

Additional support

Through the development plans, we also offer extra support to those who need it.
If no additional support is required, the child can take full advantage of our broad educational offer.

To facilitate learning, additional support can often be provided by one of our staff members within Treehouse Montessori, depending on the circumstances.

We also aim to collaborate with several specialists who can work with children within the opening hours of Treehouse Montessori, when it is beyond the expertise of our team. These include a speech therapist, physiotherapist, children’s coach or counsellors for students with dyscalculia or dyslexia. As this support can take place at our location during opening hours, the children also experience this as a regular part of their daily routine.

If for whatever reason we cannot provide the desired or necessary support within the scope of our team or the specialists associated with us, we turn to the PPO.
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